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MariBased 1, Yung6ix shine on ‘Talk talk Talk’, hints about new single

Award-winning singer MariBased1 is ready to put his music on the global map with his universal music and melody as he continues to build his music brand. The singer who featured Yung6ix in his hit single, ‘Talk Talk Talk’ said his new song, Spend It, featuring Mr Benjamin, will equally put him on a new level.

MariBased1, whose music career is gradually attracting positive attention from the media, opened up about his original style of rap called the ‘Northern Flow’ and promoting his new single, ‘Talk Talk Talk’saying his style of music can’t be compared to anyone or any style.

According to him, his music and melody have an uplifting vibe that can be felt from anywhere one chooses to listen to it.

Speaking with R about his promising career, the singer said he has a universal sound that quickly penetrates different cultures, insisting that he has what it takes to be one of the most prominent music stars in the world.

He recalled how his two singles ‘Bouncin’ and ‘Score’n’ topped music chats, crossing over 1 million views on YouTube.

“I have a couple of singles that did the right numbers in 2019. I have about five singles that have brought me recognition from across the world.”

As he gears up for the release of his sophomore album, ‘480z’, the singer hinted at three singles off the album.

MariBased1 performed recently in Seattle at an event called ‘Fremont Fridays,’ where he served some of his hot singles and debut album, Mariotto2.

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